We desperately need more signs!  

Drew Shuster has ordered more signs and they will be available to pick up at the Catskill Mountain Country Store in Windham by Friday.  They do cost $7 each so please feel free to pick them up and put them on your lawn…or anyplace you choose, we just ask for you to pay Drew $7 per sign.  Our intention is to keep ordering more signs as we run out.
Let’s make our voices be heard!!  Stand up for common sense, and tell the Greene County government to protect our future by being wise today!
Call Drew and get your Signs!!!   Cell  518-755-4336

What can you do?

  1. Write our county representatives!!  See link for emails: https://www.greenegovernment.com/greene-government/county-legislature
  2. Order lawn signs from Jason at the the Print Shop in Tannersville, NY (518-589-7100).  They are $7 each and must be ordered in bulk (50 minimum).
  3. Contact NY State Senator George Amedore to let him know you support a shared Greene-Columbia jail and want him to initiate legislation to expressly permit it!!  Here is the link:  https://www.nysenate.gov/senators/george-amedore-jr/contact
  4. Make this a major voting issue!  The truth is, most of our County Representatives who are actively pushing to build a jail without exploring a shared jail, are running unopposed.  We need to find canadates (DEMS or REP.) to challange these incumbents!  Here is a list of supportors and the areas they represent.  RUN FOR OFFICE!!!….ask your neighbor!  Someone needs to step up.
  5. Repeat item 4

Lee Palmateer, Athens Representative
Kevin Lewis, Greeneville Representative
Patrick S. Linger, New Baltimore Representative
Larry Gardner, Halcott, Lexington, Hunter Rep
Harry A. Lennon, Cairo Representative
William B. Lawrence, Cairo Representative
Linda Overbaugh, Catskill Representative
Thomas M. Hobart, Coxsackie Representative
Charles A. Martinez, Coxsackie Representative.

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The Greene County Legislature will soon vote on the LARGEST capital expense in Greene County history…

A Jail

What is the issue?

Our current jail is very old and the State of New York is requiring Greene County to upgrade our facility.  There are currently TWO options that our Legislature is considering.

  1. Build a new 98 cell facility in Coxsackie at an estimated cost of $51.4 million plus $28 million in interest.
  2. Operate a shared jail with Columbia County.  Estimated capital improvement costs are $7.5 million plus interest.

Share a jail and save at least $50 million!

 Here are some simple facts about this waste of taxpayer money:

  • If Greene County builds a jail, our taxes will go through the roof for 30 years! For many of us, we will no longer be able to afford to live here.
  • This will be the single largest capital expense EVER for Greene County.  Our county debt will quadruple – from $13 million to nearly $70 million!
  • PLUS, sharing a jail would save Greene County taxpayers $1.5 million annally through a permanent reduction in operating costs.
  • We have the potential to share a jail with a willing partner, Columbia County, and if we do our taxes will go DOWN.
  • The transportation costs to the proposed jail in Coxsackie will be equal to the transportation costs for a shared jail in Hudson. Both facilities would be about the same distance from Catskill and other courthouses throughout Greene County.
  • Yes, the state is requiring Greene County to address the deficiencies in our current jail, but the state is willing to allow Columbia and Greene Counties to pursue a shared jail.  Better yet, the state will support a shared jail project with free grant money.

Why should we share a jail?

  • Save $47 million plus interest and be just as SAFE!
  • Save at least $1.5 million per year on operating costs!
  • Our taxes will go down, NOT up and through the roof!
  • Prevent the largest expense in Greene County history.
  • Transportation costs will be almost identical to a new Coxsackie jail.
  • We won’t quadruple our debt by adding $55 million to our current $13 million debt.
  • High debt would limit our options for decades to come.
  • NY State will award us as much as $5 million on top of our savings
  • What would you like to see in Greene County’s future instead??

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Read the Reports:

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